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1. step

Upload the file (in *. STP, *. STL or *. 3mf format) and select the options for the model (print mode, colouring, model checking, etc.) in the quick editor, then send it to us.

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Your 3D model, using a special configurator, gives us prices based on volume, material usage and time.

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We reply with an offer within 24 hours.

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Good to know

As with any technology, designing for HP MJF 3D technology requires following guidelines and recommendations, which avoids mistakes and saves time and extra work. Thanks to HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology, we can also design and manufacture products with components that cannot be made using traditional manufacturing methods.
Thick walls and filled-in products should be avoided in the design. Otherwise, errors such as “elephant skin” (too little energy) or “thermal bleed” (too much energy) can occur. These problems can be avoided by outwintering or honeycombing. However, in some cases, testing can show that a product is fully functional, even if the values deviate from the recommended values.

Preparing the model for 3D printing

Files for printing with MJF technology must be submitted in STL or STEP format. The recommended standard format for printing is STL. When exporting this format, we need to make sure that:
– distance (deviation chord height): 0,05 mm
– angle (angle tolerance): 1°
Smaller values than these increase the size and complexity of the file but do not significantly affect the accuracy of the product.

Don't have a model prepared?

We can help you prepare a model in STL, STEP ali OBJ+MTL format.

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